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Quick Appointment

Frequently used treatment (procedure) in a practice can be marked as Quick Procedure. Hence appointments with frequently used treatment can be created quickly without having to explicitly select the treatment.

quick appointment

Group Appointment

Group appointment is created when same treatment is required for a group of patients at the same time. It is reliable and saves time for the practitioner.

group appointment

Bulk Appointment

If a patient is required to visit the Practice for regular follow-ups or sittings to continue treatment, appointments can be booked in advance in bulk so that the patient need not call and book for every appointment. All the related appointments can be booked at once in bulk.

We can book bulk appointments for a patient for any specified date, time, provider and procedure. Its not mandatory to have same procedure, provider and time as it is the case with Group appointment or Recurring appointment.

bulk appointment

Recurring Appointment

If a patient needs to come in for regular treatment or follow-up i.e., daily, weekly or fortnight, for the same provider, procedure and time, then you can schedule the appointments using Recurring appointment.

recurring appointment

Make/Find Appointment

This option is used to find patient’s appointment history whether scheduled, cancelled, missed or completed. We can go to these appointments blocks available in diary directly from Make \ Find appointment screen.

It is also used to make new appointments.

make appointment

SMS Appointment Reminder and Confirmation

This features helps user to send SMS appointment reminder to patients and receive appointment confirmation from patients directly in ePractice.

sms appointment

Forward appointment

An appointment can be forwarded to the respective Provider’s Outlook Calendar regarding appointment details and confirmation. This will reflect as an e-mail and a reminder to the provider. Forwarding an appointment is included keeping in mind that even the Providers must be reminded of their appointments. In some cases, providers would oversee their appointments and fail to show their presence.

forward appointment

Block out

Block out types are the refreshment breaks or meeting schedules or a business visit, etc. It occurs during the working hours of a practice. In order to alert the practitioners and others about this, Block outs are created in the Appointment view of the Appointments module.

block out

Appointment views

This feature allows the user to create custom appointment views. Based on their requirement, Practitioners column can be included or excluded in a custom appointment view.

appointment views

This module takes you through the patient’s and their family member’s information right from their phone numbers to their medical history and to their insurance details.


The functions include:

  • Adding and editing the details of the patient and the associated family members
  • Adding demographics of the patient and family
  • Adding Insurance details of the patient
  • Adding past medical conditions
  • Medications prescribed by the practitioner
  • Referrals of the patient and family
  • Adding Third Party Provider
  • Adding Referral Source
  • Adding Fee Schedule
  • Setting of Recall Due Date
  • Adding or editing patient information
  • Deleting a patient
  • Setting the patient as a Guarantor
  • Moving a patient to a different family
  • Verifying patients eligibility with DVA
  • Verifying patients eligibility with Medicare
  • Verifying patients eligibility with Health Fund

SOAP notes

This feature allows the doctors to enter the SOAP notes of the treatment and his observation of a patient. SOAP notes stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan notes.(Only for Chiro, osteopathy and podiatry)

soap treatment


In this Setup functionality, Dermatome category and lists are pre-set so that the practitioners can mark the intensity of the severity of a health condition by just rating them from the Dermatome list.(Only for Chiro and osteopathy and for physic it will be displayed as neurologically)



In this Setup functionality, Neurological category and lists are pre-set so that the practitioners can mark the intensity of the severity of a health condition by just rating them from the Neurological list. (Only for Physio)


Work Cover

This module provides you with all the details pertaining to the procedure and the diagnosis made on the patient.(Not for podiatry)

work cover


NOC report displays details related to the commencement of any treatment.


Treatment Review

Treatment review report displays review details of any treatment.

treatment review


This module provides you pictorial details for X-rays, Scans and even the patient’s photo. All the scan, x-ray and pathology reports can be imported in this module to have a digital viewing. It also has easy access for the doctors while appointments


The functions include:

  • Importing digital X-ray images
  • Doctors can digitally mark the findings on the image
  • The image can be altered according to the doctors convenience in terms of orientation, quality and visibility
  • Adding other patient related photos for easy reference to the disease or disorder
  • Adding of patients and family photos to have an ease in communication
  • Organize all the details such as, medical history, patient information, treatment plans, letters, Soap notes, dermatomes and the statements in folders
  • Many other features that helps you to organize the pictures and the folders


Database Backup

This feature helps to take back up of all the data manually and automatically and also can be retrieved later.



Accounting option keeps record of all the financial transactions made. A Chart of Accounts is displayed that reflects all the transactions made.



This option keeps track on stocks of appliances and miscellaneous stored in the Practice and what the Practice sells.



It contains all the deposit slips of the patient payment via different modes of payment.



Tasks are assigned by patient-wise or appointment-wise such as payment follow-up or other things done on a particular day/week/month. A task prompts the Practice to remind the patients of their pending tasks.



You can create list of bills with details on statement dates, balance due, etc.



Messenger is used for internal chatting within the Practice for quick communication.


Accounting option keeps record of all the financial transactions made. A Chart of Accounts is displayed that reflects all the transactions made.


Production and Income

This report displays the revenue generated in the Practice. Production and Income reports are fetched based on the time period such as

patients report

The functions include:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • This Year
  • More Options
  • Advance Options

Daily Report

This report displays the adjustments, payments, procedures and the incomplete procedure notes made in the Practice on that particular day.

daily report

This report is generated on a daily basis.

  • Procedures
  • Adjustments
  • Payments
  • Procedure Sales Report
  • Advance Payment Received report
  • Incomplete Procedure Notes
  • Demographic report

Monthly Report

This report displays the Aging report and the Finance charge report. Monthly reports are generated for the following

  • Aging Report
  • Finance Charge Report


This option helps to generate lists of different types of appointments, birthdays, prescriptions, procedure codes, invoices, etc. Lists reports are generated for the following

  • SMS
  • Birthdays
  • Procedure Codes
  • Third Party details Report
  • Prescriptions
  • Invoice
  • Diagnosis Procedures


This report generates Patient’s records with the selected criteria. Patient’s reports are generated for the following:

  • Patient Report
  • New Patient Procedure Codes
  • New Patient Report with referral Details
  • Patient Referral details
  • Patient Provider Details
  • Patient Provider Retention report
  • Client Frequency Report
  • Treatment Frequency Report
  • Patient Visit Range
  • Patient visit Graph
  • Provider Graph


The functions include:

  • Appointments Report
  • Appointment Confirm
  • Cancelled Appointment Report
  • Missed Appointment Report


This report generates the referrals made with the selected criteria.

The functions include:

  • Provider Referrals
  • Patient Referrals
  • Marketing Referrals
  • Referrals details
  • Referral Summary
  • GP Referral

Medicare & DVA

Fast and easy direct online processing of Medicare and DVA claims. This interface will allow you to lodge Medicare and DVA claims through a secure internet connection for less paper work, faster payment and greater patient satisfaction.



The HICAPS solution completes the payment process by efficiently linking credit, debit, and private health fund payments directly into the ePractice . This improves efficiency, the patient experience and simplifies account reconciliation.



Save time when processing EFTPOS transactions with ePractice integration to your HICAPS terminal.


HL7 through Argus

ePractice has now implemented secure transfer of electronic data via Argus HL7 message. For secure messaging capability Practices should allow patient clinical and medical information to be securely exchanged when and wherever possible.

The secure messaging capability may be provided as a direct extension to the practice management system, or indirectly via a separate messaging system. The secure messaging capability must be provided by an eligible supplier.

Argus is a standard compliant messaging program using HL7 messages. It has been designed specifically for the Australian healthcare environment and is already in use by many GPs and Specialists, as well as Allied Health Providers, Community Health Organization’s and Divisions of General Practice.



ePractice allows syncing invoices and payments to Xero. ePractice helps you get control of your finances - efficiently and effectively through Xero. Xero is an easy to use, online accounting system, which allows you to run your business and access your accounts from work, home or on the go. It is specifically designed to minimize the time and hassle of business financial administration.

Google Sync (one-way appointment sync with Google calendar)

This feature helps the clinic to sync all ePractice appointments to your Gmail calendar so that practitioner can view their appointments anywhere & anytime.