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Practice Management Software for Psychology

Psychology Practice Management SoftwarePsychologist refers to a professional who evaluates behavioral and mental processes in humans. There are various branches of psychologists

  • Counseling, clinical and school psychologists work with people in therapeutic contexts
  • Community and industrial psychologists who apply research and theoretical concepts to real life situations
  • Academic psychologists who are involved in teaching and research

By its very nature the profession of psychology is taxing as it involves great degree of concentration on the unknown (the mind) as evidence based research is still trying to grapple the complexity of the mind. However as a business the psychologist has to comply with day-to-day routines of front office operations that deal with appointment bookings and keeping track so that revenue generation in the form of billing keeps the business profitable. Patient information and treatment plans forming part of a patients' EHR (electronic health record) is critical for patients to access so that health benefits can be availed.

In this context ePractice psychology practice management software as a management tool has taken the art of managing administrative functions of a psychology practice to the next level by automating these tasks and allowing the psychologist lot more time dealing with patient's problems and devising treatments. A psychologist spends more time listening to patients which the developers of ePractice have imbibed. The software has been planned under the guidance of experienced Psychologists and software professionals. The efficacy of the ePractice software is the ease of use in the desktop application. Adding client notes, making appointments, sending them reminders and invoicing them, noting psychological history including assessments are a seamless activity and available at a single click.

Benefits include

  • Patient billing
  • Patient information
  • Patient treatment plan


  • Medicare certified for online claim.
  • Integrated HICAPS interface for private health insurance claiming
  • Integrated with Xero accounting system.
  • Patient recalls and planned treatment tracking
  • Integrated with Microsoft Word for letter generation
  • Treatment Plan tracking and creation
  • Patient note history
  • Appointment scheduling, multi location, multi practitioner
  • Appointment remainder and confirmation through SMS and email


  • Improved practice efficiency
  • Improved practice productivity
  • Improved correspondence, marketing, and practice analysis capabilities


  • More time to interact with your patients
  • Happier employees and more satisfied patients
  • An integrated claim solution for private health insurance patients